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Retractable seating for U.S. sport, entertainment and school venues. 

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Seating Master USA is your local representative for Master Industrie, a worldwide leader in premium, custom design and innovative Retractable Telescopic Seating System.


New multi-directional, pivotal manoevering system that allows your telescopic seating to adapt to different types of show. 

Eureka Retractable Seating

Automated Retractable Stand

Fully automated retractable stand: just press a switch, and your venue is ready to welcome the audience.

Automated Retractable Stand

Rotating Stand

Innovative rotating stand designed for an audience moving from scene to scene to watch the story progress.

Rotating Stand

Retractable seating systems are perfect for large stadiums, sporting venues, theaters, concert halls, or virtually any event where large crowds need seating. Thanks to recent advances in their design, they take up less space and can be tailored to uniquely suit any situation.

 To find the perfect seating configuration, first consider what the space is intended for. For theater performances and music, it’s important to consider the acoustics of the space and how the seating arrangement can enhance audience engagement. The curved flexible seating would be ideal here so everyone can hear the music equally. For sporting events a standard straight angled configuration allows as many people to see the court as possible.

 The main concept behind most of these flexible styles is a modular component. Modular seating allows a venue to tailor their seating arrangement to the needs of a specific event. Not only for how the seats are arranged, but by how many too. These modular seating systems are designed with motorized tracks that allow venue operators to quickly and easily expand or retract seats as necessary. With systems such as Eureka, you have the ability to move your seating as a whole or in modular sections and rotate it on its axis.

Retractable Seats at Venue
Retractable Seats at Venue

Our Clients Love Us

“Its functionality is a treat. Fully retractable and movable in order to save space with simple using and handling features that reflect the idea we have of a theater.”

“We’ve used this telescopic system since 2012 and it’s kept in good working thanks to our attention and the Master Industries technicians.”

“It’s the most beautiful stand in the world. I have never seen any stand as beautiful.”

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