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Plastic, wooden, fabric seats and bleachers for U.S. sport, entertainment and school venues.

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Seating Master USA is your local representative for Master Industrie, a worldwide leader in premium, custom design and innovative Telescopic Seating System.

plastic seats

Durable and convenient solution known for its impressive robustness which can be adapted to all types of projects,

wood Seats

A great combination of robsustness and style, wood seats are a popular choice for amphiteraters and cultural centers.

fabric chairs

The most comfortable seating solution, fabric chairs make a great first impression and are popular in VIP areas.

Different venues and different types of event require specific seating. We provide a wide range of options for sporting arenas, lecture theaters, concert halls and cultural venues.

We would recommend folding plastic chairs for your sporting stadium, as they are easy to maintain and quick drying for outdoor events.

VIP options ensure special comfort for your most important spectators.

Fabric and wooden chairs are ideal for indoor venues and we can offer a range of sizes and differing levels of comfort to suit the needs of your audiences.

Telescopic bench seating is ideal for those on a tight budget, offering flexibility at a lower cost.

Retractable Seats at Venue

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